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What Should You Do If You Are Unhappy with Your Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Written by admin on March 13th, 2012. Posted in Hill and ponton, Social security disability, Social security lawyer

Q: What should a claimant who is unhappy with the Social security disability lawyer he or she hired do?

A: A claimant who is unhappy with his or her Social Security disability lawyer should first try to speak with the lawyer about those issues. The disability review process can often be quite lengthy and without good communication, the claimant and lawyer’s expectations may be different. And often a lawyer will not even know a client is not happy. Most any Social Security disability lawyer would want a chance to address any issues a claimant might have. The best case scenario after that conversation would be for a lawyer and his client to have a better understanding of expectations, more open lines of communication and continue to work together.

If the claimant is not comfortable speaking directly with the lawyer, he or she can request to speak with another lawyer or representative within the firm. Perhaps there is a better fit within the same firm, which will help decrease delays for transfer of files and other supporting documentation. A claimant should find a new Social Security disability lawyer before he or she lets the old one go. It is important that a claimant inform the disability examiner assigned to the claim that a new Social Security lawyer is currently being sought. This will help assure that all deadlines are met and avoid delays. Once the new Social Security disability lawyer is hired, he or she will contact the claims examiner and become the new primary point of contact for the claim.

Q: Can you hire a Social Security disability lawyer after you have already applied?

A: Yes, A claimant can hire a lawyer at any point he or she decides it will be helpful.

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