If things are tight, consider a payday loan

Written by admin on June 24th, 2013. Posted in Cash loans, Installment loans, Short term loans

Cash loans

If you find yourself in a situation which requires a chunk of change quickly, one option you might consider are short term loans. These loans, often called payday loans, are generally quick and easy to be qualified for. However, as with any loan they should not be applied for without careful consideration of both the positives and negatives.

The first thing to consider is what exactly a short term loan is. Unlike a loan which uses a vehicle as collateral, known as secured, payday loans are unsecured. This often results in higher interest rates over the life of the loan, as well as a shorter repayment period. The loan is often granted with the understanding that it will be repaid in full upon the borrower’s next pay day, hence the name payday loan.

Oftentimes a post dated check is required by payday loan lenders

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