Core Elements of SEO Reseller Packages

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New SEO reseller packages crop up every business day, hoping to gain new resellers as clients and ultimately the resellers’ clients as end beneficiaries of SEO. However, not all of these packages have the same end goals in sight, nor do they operate even remotely in the same fashion. Four core elements must be present in all packages to be effective, though. They include a helpful index, a description of all roles and responsibilities, a way to end the package if necessary and a detailed purpose.

First, all reputable SEO reseller packages must have an index that showcases where you can access helpful information to help you get started reselling SEO. This index ideally includes a listing of all pertinent information you need as a reseller. If the package is available exclusively online, this index should have direct links to pages where you can uncover more useful information. If it is in paper form, there will be page numbers guiding you toward this information.

Second, all good SEO reseller packages must address the total responsibilities that each reseller has. This portion of the package will detail the functions each reseller must perform, though in general SEO firms allow resellers to branch out on their own and sell however they desire to sell SEO. It still is helpful to use Seo reseller packages that detail at least the process by which SEO is sold and then delivered to a reseller’s clients.

Third, well-structured SEO reseller packages should give resellers an out if they need one. SEO firms understand that not all resellers stay on with them for very long, and that some find they cannot hack it or that it does not mesh well with their businesses. SEO reseller packages that do not enable resellers to cancel their agreements if the program is not functioning well should be avoided at all costs. There may be a fee to get out, but there at least must be an opportunity to get out of a package.

Fourth, well-written SEO reseller packages must be detailed in their purpose and their overall goals. While all SEO firms have a clear and singular goal of using strategies to boost their resellers’ clients’ online exposure, each firm arrives at these goals in different fashions. Getting an understanding of how the SEO firm functions in its efforts is vital, for peace of mind for resellers if nothing else.

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