Debating Is Marijuana Addictive Or Not

Marijuana addiction program

Marijuana is extremely prevalent in modern society even though it is illegal in most countries and states. There are people constantly debating on the question of, “is marijuana addictive or not?” The facts show that there are no addictive chemicals in marijuana as it is a natural herb, but some users will argue that they cannot bear to get through the day without it. There is likely a physical dependence that comes along with weed even if there is not a chemical one. To answer the question, “is marijuana addictive?” you have to look at it on a case by case basis. Some people may say yes and others will disagree because of scientific facts, but the human body can get dependent on quite a few things if you let it.

The fact that weed is illegal in most areas should really put a stop to this debate from constantly coming about. However, there are some states currently fighting to legalize marijuana because they deem is safer than alcohol. Since the debate will roll on for years to come, the inquiry of, “is marijuana addictive?” will be there as well. It is really hard to determine the thought of is marijuana addictive or not due to the idea that it can affect people it different ways. While everyone may have their stances and beliefs about this substance, it is also at their desires whether or not they want to do further research on the subject.

The internet proves to contain a countless number of articles that revolve around the question, “is marijuana addictive?” To tell you the truth, you will read some stating good points on it indeed being addictive and others that illustrate a good defense for it not being addictive. The key to finding out is marijuana addictive or not is to keep an open mind and research the abundance of information freely available on the internet. After you feel you have gotten a adequate amount of knowledge on the subject, you can then join the debate and argue for a particular side.

There are a couple different types of marijuana users. You have the individuals that depend on it to function on a daily basis and those that do it recreationally from time to time. It is quite obvious as to which category will argue in favor of the question, “is marijuana addictive?” As an onlooker, the best you can do is research the internet to formulate your stance on the matter.

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