Keeping Your B2B Payments Secure

B2b credit card processing

B2B payments may be the backbone of your business, which is why it is important to work with the right payment processing companies who can handle processing credit cards at the speed and efficiency at which your business demands, without compromising security concerns and confidentiality. Level 3 processing and internet merchant accounts are two areas of concern for many businesses, particularly for those who engage in eCommerce. If you need to get the right solution in place to handle your B2B payments then there are a few options which can help you to find the right partners to work with.

B2B payments are handled differently from typical consumer transactions, and so having the appropriate online solution in place is important. This supply chain includes commercial banks, billing, and collections services, as well as outsourced processing firms You may need B2b credit card processing at a different level not only to provide the right options to your customers and partners, but because level 3 transactions in particular keep the most detail about credit card processing online and offline, keeping track of item details, time of transaction, item discount identifier, the postal code that it is being shipped to and from, and more. This information can mean a lot to any business that needs to keep track of a vast amount of inventories and transactions, but it can also help you to identify any issues or potential profit loss areas for your transactions. With the right company handling your B2B payments you should expect to get an online payment system that will keep records that will be crucial both for your own business, and for any situation in which a dispute may arise over goods or services between your own business and another.

In the year 2011, around one third of eCommerce transactions were flight and travel booking services, which means that more businesses than ever are using these methods for corporate flights, meetings, and more. B2B payments and the systems that make them easier can help to make the process happen even sooner, and can provide great security standards at the same time. PCI DSS, or “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards,” are just one example of regulations to which businesses involved in transactions must be compliant, and extends to merchants of all size that accepts, transmits, or stores cardholder information. This extends to B2B payments made online as well.

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