Do it yourself moving for military personnel

Dity online calculator

Members of the US military who are considering moving in the near future should know that there are some great reasons to make your move a DITY move (which is another way of saying “Do It Yourself move”). If you have an upcoming military move, you will receive extra time to take care of the moving process if you make it a military DITY move. Military moving with a DITY move also allows service members and their families retain more control over the moving process.

If you are interested in finding out what you should expect to spend on your military DITY move, check online for a Dity move calculator. This can help you plan your move, and create your budget so that you don’t end up getting yourself in a situation where your move is costing you more than you had originally planned. You should also make sure to do some reading about the Government Constructed cost, which is the amount that the government would have to pay to move your property during a government procured move, assuming that you do not exceed your authorized weight allowance. Additionally, military personnel involved in a DITY move should find out more about other programs that can be used in conjunction with their move, such as the Government Bill of Lading, which allows military personnel to ship some of their household goods under the DITY move program.

Read up more on the DITY move program. You just might find that it is the perfect option for you and your family members. Just make sure to consider doing it in some time other than the summer, which is do it yourself moving crunch time. Every year, roughly 225,000 DoD and USCG household good shipments are moved during the summer months. If you do not want to move during the military do it yourself mover’s version of rush hour, avoiding the summer is probably in your best interest.

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