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ISO 14001 Certification Leads To Greater Safety Standards

Written by admin on January 8th, 2013. Posted in Iso 14001 certification, Iso training, Servsafe certification

Iso 20000 certification

With ISO 14001 certification in place, your organization may be able to get some of the standards that they will need to fight off harmful bacteria in the food industry. Both food production and food handling require that you have certain safety standards in place, to help to regulate the manufacturing process of animal products, perishable goods, products with a long shelf life, and other food ingredients like additives. These standards are referred to as Food Safety Systems Certification, and they, along with ServSafe certification and other standards, are meant to keep consumers safe from harmful food borne illnesses like Listeriosis. This bacterial infection is commonly found in pregnant women, newborn infants, and those who have a compromised immune system, along with the elderly.

Your Iso 14001 certification will help your company or organization to ensure that you are operating with both the right standards and the right record keeping in place, to reduce the chance of harmful mistakes that could be putting customers or patients at risk. It is extremely important to get the right food safety certification along side your ISO 9000 training and HACCP training, because these are all going to be valuable resources for organizations of any size that have anything to do with food production. The British Retail Consortium established the BRC Food Technical Standard in 1998 specifically in response to the needs of the industry. These standards, along with ISO 14001 certification training and qualification, all help businesses to operate within the right parameters, to keep the population from becoming ill due to illnesses passed on from agricultural sources, production sources, or more. ISO 14001 certification can help you to organize other systems as well.

Iso training works well along with systems like FAMI QS, which is a safety system for specialty feed ingredients intended to minimize any risks that can occur when unsafe feed enters the food chain. ISO 14001 certification and ISO 50001 certification can also help companies to enhance any energy consuming assets that they have as well, which are often a concern in any industry which has to deal with the production or processing of food items, meat, and more. To get the basics of what you will need for your process safety management and ISO 14001 certification training, work with companies that are experienced in the industry, and who are aware of the needs that a company may have.

Choosing the right pet grave markers

Written by admin on January 8th, 2013. Posted in Headstones for pets, Pet markers, Pet memorial markers

Pet memorial stones

It is estimated that in the United States about 62 percent of all household own at least one pet. This is because pets provide more than companionship. In fact those who have pet are even healthier than those who do not. Statistically, more than a quarter of pet owners survive heart attacks while only six percent of those who do not have pets survive similar heart attacks. And in the study by Mayo Clinic, it was found that compared to those who do not have pets, senior citizens who have pets had 21 percent fewer physician visit.

Pets have unique way of communicating with humans. For example, are you aware that cats do not use their meow on other cats and generally use them only on humans? As for dogs, they seem to be sensitive about the moods and problems of their owners. And in their unique way are able to comfort them during their most troubled times. Thus, it is no surprise at all that pets are treated as family members. In fact, some people consider their pets as their closest family relation. Statistics show that around 1 million dogs in the country have been made as main beneficiary in the will of their human owners.

Losing a pet is like losing someone you love or losing a family member. And as they honor us in life, we try to honor them and remember them in death. One way of doing that is to have the right pet grave markers for them. Pet grave markers or pet memorial stones are available in different designs and materials, just like human gravestones. The difference with the pet grave markers is that there are really wonderful pet markers that you can choose from. Choosing the best one for your pet is therefore easy and will give you a sense of comfort as you say goodbye to your beloved pet. For example, there are pet grave markers or pet stones with engraving. In this you can choose to have just the name of your pet or an epitaph or you can even engrave a picture of your pet on the pet memorial stone. Then there are other pet grave markers that are more elaborate and will stand out among other animal memorials stones. For example, instead of simple pet grave markers, these memorial stones for pet can be life size sculpture of your pet.

The good thing about pet grave markers is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to have them. There are many pet grave markers and memorial products stores that offer great collection at affordable price. Moreover, many of these stores offer discounts when you buy a set of memorial products. This includes urn, pet grave markers, memorial frames and keepsakes, jewelry and even cremation. All you have to do is to do a simple online search and you can find the best pet grave marker for your pet.

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