A Drug Testing Houston Agency Offers Unique Solution

Drug testing in houston

A unique drug testing Houston agency is providing a solution for businesses with a drug free program. This franchise provides drug testing in Houston. This is a dot compliance business that travels to employees rather than vice versa.

This mobile drug testing Houston agency has the goal of providing services to businesses to limit their exposure to liability, the need to pay substantial non compliance fines, or suffer penalties, such as sanctions or even loss of business privileges. This mobile drug testing Houston agency offers a full suite of consulting, compliance and testing services. They provide a unique cost and time saving option for local businesses with a drug free workplace program.

Why is a service like this mobile drug testing Houston agency offers important? Statistics continue to show that drug abuse continues to be an issue with our work force. Eight percent of full time employees at American companies are drug abusers. In 2010, 1.2 million people used hallucinogenic drugs. Drug and alcohol abuse by employees cause losses of 100 billion a year to American companies, according to research conducted by the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information. These statistics show the need for an increased private business drug free workplace policy.

Employees with a drug testing program have experienced 51 percent reduction of injury rates within the first two years of program implementation. The added reduction to employee time and productivity loss, offered by Houston Mobile Drug Testing, makes this necessary service valuable. Read more like this.

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