Embroidered Jeans Show How Women Adopted Menswear

Embroidered jeans

Fashion for women has evolved greatly, but always from other clothes for women. Blue jeans may be an exception. Starting as menswear for laborers, blue jeans have evolved into a female fashion statement. That said, women have adopted jeans for themselves. Embroidered jeans, which stitch patterns onto the fabric, add a decidedly feminine touch to a masculine clothing article.

Embroidered jeans depart from a long line of male dominated innovation. The material denim is actually a contraction of de Nimes, signifying the fabric came from Nimes, France. The word jeans actually is a French term for Genoan sailors, who wore cotton twill trousers like modern jeans.

Modern jeans come from at least 1873, when Jacob Davis put copper rivets on. Because Davis did not have funds to patent his invention, he filed jointly with Levi Strauss, who patented jeans on May 20. Because a bale of cotton can make 200 pair, and last for years, jeans became a staple for many working men.

Today, this piece of menswear is great for women, thanks to embroidered jeans. Embroidered jeans, which can come with patterns, are great as slimming jeans for women, straight legged jeans for women, or even mother daughter jeans. Embroidered jeans are famous as bling jeans, or glitzy jeans, which use patterns and rind stones on the jeans. These examples show that women have no problem adopting jeans, and have even replaced men as innovators for this article of clothing.

Embroidered jeans have decidedly moved jeans from menswear to clothing for women. Such fashion dexterity shows the craftiness clothiers have, and affirm that fashion, as most people know, is a fickle industry.

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