Patch Management Software

Network inventory software

Roughly 30 percent of all mobile device users in America are business mobile users, meaning these mobile devices are used for business purposes. BYOD policies are becoming popular in the business world, and a half of all companies that operate on a BYOD model expect their employees to pay for all costs for mobile devices and security options. Patch management software is required for increasing the security of a network and all mobile devices on a network. For instance, iPhone management applications are used to increase iPhone security. Patch management software is beneficial for people using mobile devices for personal reasons or business reasons as well.

Mobile device management systems are also used in schools. In fact, BYOD policies are quickly becoming popular in school settings, and it’s important to use the proper patch management software in order to maintain the security of people’s mobile devices on the network. Software as a service can be utilized for mobile device management software. During the next 5 years, roughly 1 billion smart phones will enter the market, according to research performed by ABI. Patch management software is a necessary tool for business and personal purposes, and finding the best MDM software is achieved by doing research online.

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