Intrusion Detection Systems Can Stop Malware

Network security solutions

Every day, Google spots 9,500 malicious websites, including legitimate ones to spread malware. So serious is the problem that the U.S. government spent 13 billion USD in FY 2011 just to protect its IT systems. To fight back, one needs an intrusion detection system, or intrusion prevention system, to prevent a massive malware attack.

An intrusion detection system uses next generation network security to prevent attacks. Spyware, one of the most harmful malware, collects data without the user knowing about it. Spyware and other malware can be stopped with an intrusion detection system, using a network security platform.

Of course, frontal malware assaults are rare. The greatest threat today comes from insiders with access to data and systems. Unwittingly or not, they often release malware into the system. The best way an intrusion detection system can defend against this threat is through an enterprise firewall. Enterprise firewalls, as part of an intrusion detection system, are getting ever more sophisticated, for they need to stop these attacks.

Governmental and corporate IT departments should invest in next gen network security. An intrusion detection system can help. By stopping malware and other attacks, an intrusion detection system can let IT systems run normally, and keep data private.

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