Patch Management Software Makes BYOD Work

Mobile app management

BYOD business models, which can include both corporate offices and organizations like schools and hospitals, rely a great deal on cloud based architecture to get maximum performance. In addition to having the right cloud server configuration, solutions like patch management software are often recommended as well. With over one billion smart phone users around the world, not every device is upgraded to the latest release of different, crucial software or operating system. When an entire server has many different devices on it, all accessing the same group of information or communicating with the network, these inconsistent software versions can lead to errors, security vulnerabilities, and more. With patch management software it may be possible for network administrators to more easily handle the compatibility needs of a cloud server and its users.

Solutions like iPhone management can work well when paired with the encryption and authentication protocols that BYOD environments should already have in place, both to improve compliance satisfaction rates and to add an additional layer of utility for the network administrators. With patch management software administrators will also have the ability to view the upgrade status of devices and machines which are connected to the network, to ensure whether or not designated stations or devices are up to date. This can help companies and organizations to save both time and money by reducing the hours IT needs to devote to updates and other tasks. Patch management software and iPhone security suites can interface with DMI, the framework for managing hardware and software components in a BYOD environment, leading to further reduction in compatibility issues or conflicts.

Mobile device management tools are integral, as mobile application development is expected to outpace PC app development by a ratio of 4 to 1 as early as 2015. Solutions like patch management software are designed with the end user in mind, and allow larger networks to more readily handle the burden that thousands of mobile device users can put on both the physical networks themselves and the staff who operate them. With patch management software in place, it may also be possible to cut down on the need for maintenance downtime and costly virus or malware recovery periods after a device has caused infection. For better protection of your services and the information which is carried on your servers, patch management is an important and often overlooked tool.

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