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If You Cannot Afford a New Car, Buy at Auction

Written by admin on March 29th, 2013. Posted in, Ove

If you need a new car, but do not have the means to buy new, there are many options available to get a good car for less money. Generally, the best way to find affordable cars for you is to use a remarketing service like Manheim. Manheim is the biggest of these services and runs a variety of auctions and financing services to help make cars cheaper.

Manheim hosts GSA auctions, which are government run auctions that sell off equipment the government no longer needs. This is the kind of auction that the Blues Brothers got their infamous Crown Vic from. Currently, space shuttle parts are being sold alongside government vehicles on the GSA website. If you cannot make it to a GSA auction, Manheim also markets OVE, which is a site that allows automobile wholesalers to conduct business with potential buyers online. The site lets sellers get their automotive stock sold much faster than traditional auctions.

Another online auction broker similar to Manheim is SmartAuction, sponsored by the car manufacturer GM. SmartAuction sells unreconditioned automobiles to GM dealers, that are then sold to customers at a discount. OpenLane is a service similar to OVE, and is also partnered with Manheim. OpenLane allows resellers to communicate and sell their automobiles directly to their buyers.

To get an affordable car, you can also look into insurance auto auctions. In these auctions, cars that are written off as total losses by insurance companies are salvaged and then resold. Manheim hosts similar auctions that resell salvaged automobiles. These cars are all sold as is, and may have been damaged by fire, flooding, or a collision. As a result, these cars will likely take a lot of time and money to get back on the road, but they are being sold at a fraction of the price of regular cars. To see more, read this.

How To Blog

Written by admin on March 27th, 2013. Posted in Find great blogs, Online information

So, you’d like to create a few great blogs but you don’t know where to start? Actually, blogging is easier than you might think. Whenever you find great blogs you’ll see that they’re really nothing more than a user generated website where you can find online information about various topics, everything from politics to someone’s personal online diary.

Now that you have a better understanding of what a blog actually is, here’s how to start one for yourelf:
1. Choose a theme. It can be a personal diary, a place to share recipes, an instrument by which you voice your political opinion or even somewhere to discuss your favorite hobby or craft.
2. Choose a host. There are lots of places where you can find free hosting. Decide which one will best suit your needs and sign up for their service.
3. The service that you choose will guide you through the design process. Herein you’ll be able to choose a template, theme and design.
4. Create a profile for yourself. This can be as minimalist or as elaborate as you desire. Decide whether or not to include your picture or to remain anonymous in order to protect your privacy.
5. Create your first post. This should be something that welcomes your readers and tell people why you have started a blog, what you would like to write about in your blog and also provide them with a small introduction to yourself.
6. Always remain focused upon your theme. While you can deviate from it occasionally, most of the time you should remain on topic. Of course, you should consider adding pictures, videos and music files too.
7. Keep your posts organized appropriately.
8. Make sure that you update your blog on a regular basis. Once you get some subscribers to your blog they’ll want to visit you on a regular basis. By keeping your blog updated you’ll be able to build a large readership.

The Group For Women in Chesapeake VA

Written by admin on March 26th, 2013. Posted in Business Directory


The Group For Women

300 Medical Parkway

Chesapeake, VA 23320


Local Business Picture

NAME: Mike Ross, Administrator
PHONE: 757-466-6350



The Group For Women offers the full continuum of specialized health care for women. Located behind Chesapeake General Hospital.

Ultrasound available.



HOURS: 8-5 Weekdays

PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Cash, Mastercard, Check, VISA

Fort Worth

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