How To Blog

So, you’d like to create a few great blogs but you don’t know where to start? Actually, blogging is easier than you might think. Whenever you find great blogs you’ll see that they’re really nothing more than a user generated website where you can find online information about various topics, everything from politics to someone’s personal online diary.

Now that you have a better understanding of what a blog actually is, here’s how to start one for yourelf:
1. Choose a theme. It can be a personal diary, a place to share recipes, an instrument by which you voice your political opinion or even somewhere to discuss your favorite hobby or craft.
2. Choose a host. There are lots of places where you can find free hosting. Decide which one will best suit your needs and sign up for their service.
3. The service that you choose will guide you through the design process. Herein you’ll be able to choose a template, theme and design.
4. Create a profile for yourself. This can be as minimalist or as elaborate as you desire. Decide whether or not to include your picture or to remain anonymous in order to protect your privacy.
5. Create your first post. This should be something that welcomes your readers and tell people why you have started a blog, what you would like to write about in your blog and also provide them with a small introduction to yourself.
6. Always remain focused upon your theme. While you can deviate from it occasionally, most of the time you should remain on topic. Of course, you should consider adding pictures, videos and music files too.
7. Keep your posts organized appropriately.
8. Make sure that you update your blog on a regular basis. Once you get some subscribers to your blog they’ll want to visit you on a regular basis. By keeping your blog updated you’ll be able to build a large readership.


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