Considering a Different Type of School for Your Children?

Christian schools

Are you dissatisfied with the public school system and the education your kids are getting (or not getting) there? If you live in the Norfolk VA area, then maybe a Norfolk private school is ideal for your kids. There are a profusion of independent schools operating in this area, whether our looking for a private high school, elementary school or religious focused Christian education.

Christian schools are an alternative type of Norfolk private school that many parents insist on when they feel their children’s education is lacking in religious meaning, or if they feel like the content their kids are being exposed to in public school runs counter to what certain parents want.
Did you know that one in four parents is involved in switching their kids’ school, either from private to public or vice versa.

Some parents feel that public schools are preferable to, say, a Norfolk private school for offering more real world experience, and for having stronger programs in the sciences and in athletics. Some private schools are competitive in these fields, and they’re often smaller than public schools, making it easier for faculty to monitor each student’s progress.

Any Norfolk private school has to get its funding, of course, from some source other than the state, meaning they have to rely on grants from private organizations, tuition and on community fundraising. This can either leave a given Norfolk private school with better, or lesser, funding than would normally be available to a comparable public school in the same area. To understand the differences in curriculum, faculty, school activities and policies, cost to attend, level of funding and overall quality between one Norfolk private school and another, a little cautious research has to be conducted. Just make sure your mind is made up by the day school starts!

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