How Important is Water?

Bottleless water filters

How much do you know about the importance of water? The average person uses between eighty and one hundred gallons of water in a single day. Water also has health benefits. Studies have shown that increasing your water intake can reduce fat deposits, and therefore help you to lose weight. Water can also keep your skin looking healthier, and energize muscles.

In order to provide this important liquid for you and your coworkers, family, or employees, you may want to consider getting a filtered water cooler. There are a couple types of filtered water coolers that are available. There are water coolers that use carboys of water and dispense water right from the carboy, or giant bottles. However, these bottles can be difficult to lift and connect to the cooler. A better option may be a point of use water cooler, which is a bottleless water dispenser. Bottleless water coolers hook up to an existing water line, and the water is then sent through a filtration system, and cooled or heated for use. In this way, a bottleless water dispenser ensures that the water is properly filtered, and is the correct temperature for use, in addition to eliminating the need for those unwieldy carboys of water that go into a non bottleless water dispenser.

Another benefit of a bottleless water dispenser is that it reduces the amount of waste developed. Eighty six percent of plastic water bottles in the United States end up as garbage rather than being recycled, and by eliminating the plastic bottles, a bottleless water dispenser ensures that additional plastic does not end up in dumpsters.

Bottleless water dispensers also save money in the long run. While the original bottleless water dispenser may be more expensive than a cooler that uses carboys, bottled water generally costs several times more per gallon than filtered water does.

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