Military Moving is A Lot More Common Than You Think

Dity calculator military

A military move under the DITY program covers moving expenses such as truck and trailer rental, the costs of packing materials, packing blankets and furniture pads rental fees, hand truck rental, and incidentals like gas, oil, and tolls. The only authorized methods of delivery covered under the DITY moving program are personally owned vehicles, privately owned trailers, hiring a commercial moving company, full service moving and delivery services like ‘You load, we drive,’ and shipment by way of parcel post. The DITY program can also be used simultaneously with other programs such as shipping some household goods using the Government Bill of Lading, for example, and the balance under the DITY program, as long as it does not exceed the weight allowance. If you do make a military move using the DITY program, you are typically given more time to complete the move than when the government handles the move. Each year about 225,000 Department of Defense and US Coast Guard household good shipments are moved during the summer months.

A military move can be a lot more common than moving for the rest of us. It is expected that the average military family completes some sort of military moving process once every three years. Going through a military move is probably a lot easier using the military dity move program. One of the biggest things to consider when considering using the DITY or the military move are the costs of delivery. Depending on the necessary costs of a military move, in terms of rentals and such, the option to have the government could be a better option if you do not have that much property to ship. Using a military dity move calculator is the easiest and most accurate way to compare the two delivery methods.

The risk of having the government handle your property can often lead to issues or damage. Your property is typically insured up to a certain amount and will be reimbursed but, either way, that is a pain you do not want to deal with. Take the time to properly consider your options when it comes to a military move. Making sure you will get from Point A to B is the key but you can make it easier by considering these options when it comes to a military move.

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