Protect Mobile Devices that Allow Employees to Work Away from the Office

Activesync security policies

Roughly half of all United States mobile phone users have a smartphone. In order to take advantage of that, many business will utilize Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, policies that need to be properly managed in order to prevent security issues stemming from the loss of a personal device. By using an Exchange ActiveSync program, businesses can be sure that, if a mobile device is lost, the data on it does not have to be. So any company that wants to use a BYOD program will find that using and Exchange ActiveSync plan can be quite beneficial when it comes to properly securing vital data.

Mobile Device Management, or MDM, helps streamline platform set up and several device enrollment processes including authentication, registration of employee owned devices or enterprise devices, and applying default device settings. MDM that runs in the cloud enables companies to seamlessly integrate their mobile devices and enterprise systems. The Exchange Activesync android phones need might be different than other smartphones like the iPhone. So in order for a company to make sure they are getting the most out of their Exchange ActiveSync security policies, they will want to make sure that they are using the software that is most compatible with their devices.

Because being able to access documents, data, and accounts on a mobile device is crucial on both the enterprise and consumer level, cloud computing can be an essential aspect of multi device integration. By using an Exchange ActiveSync plan that features cloud technology, businesses can make it easier for their employees to get work done while on the go. Consequently, Exchange ActiveSync programs can help increase efficiency and productivity. Get more on this here:

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