When to Call a Wage Garnishment Lawyer

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Did you know the very first income tax was created in 1861 as part of the Revenue Act? Income tax laws have been added to and altered since then, and can often be confusing. It is often difficult for us to understand the motivation behind tax laws. If soda comes in a bottle or can in Chicago, for example, it is taxed at three percent. If it is fountain soda, however, it is taxed at nine!

The fifth amendment prevents the government from taking the property of an individual without the due process of law. Do you currently owe money to the IRS? It is a common problem and one that can be solved without as much difficult as some anticipate. The one thing not to do, however, is nothing. You do not want to be further penalized for late taxes.

The best solution to solving your IRS problems is to contact a knowledgeable attorney. If you owe money, the IRS will often direct your employer to withhold a percentage of your wages and turn them over to the government. In this type of situation, what you need is an IRS wage garnishment lawyer.

A garnishment attorney will first do an investigation to figure out what your current tax liabilities are. They will work with you and act as a buffer between you and the IRS to determine what can be done, and how wage garnishment can be averted. Your wage garnishment lawyer will then sit down with you and decide what the best resolution plan is for you, so that you can eliminate your debt in the most quick and efficient way possible.

A common complaint of lawyers is that they are expensive and continually bill for services, but many wage garnishment lawyers have flat rates and are affordable for most people.

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