Diamonds, Truly a Girls Best Friend

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Choosing a diamond for that special someone in your life is arguably one of the most important things you will ever pick out. With 80 percent of women who get engaged receiving a diamond ring, its kind of an expected procedure these days. The word diamond comes from the ancient Greek term adamas, it means unbreakable, or unalterable, related to the adjective adamant. This is probably why they are used every day as a simple of unbreakable love.

If your planning on popping the question, finding the right diamond ring first is a must. There are four things to keep in mind while buying a diamond, and they all begin with a C. The first is cut, the cut of the gem is what gives it that brilliant sparkle, usually the more complex the cut, the more brilliant the diamond.

Secondly, Carat or the weight of the gem often determines the size. While this does usually determine the size of the diamond engagement ring, it is not always the most important. Not that every girl doesn’t love a big rock on her finger. However there are many other factors to consider while choosing diamond earrings, rings, and any other type of precious gem jewelry.

Clarity is an important one. The clarity of the rock often equate to the quality of the rock itself. The clearer the diamond is, or the less imperfections it has, makes the diamond a higher clarity level, making it often times way more valuable then a diamond with less clarity.

Color is also a factor, the clearer the gem is, the more genuine. Although some ladies to prefer spice diamonds, yellow diamonds, and other diamonds that are not as clear because they have a unique feel to them. Casually find out what your lady likes, and go on the hunt for the perfect hue.

Arguably the most important thing to keep in mind is the personal taste of that special someone. Making sure that the gem you choose thrills them is imperative. When asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you, an engagement ring is often a symbol of that impenetrable love. Choosing the right one will show how much you value that individual. Find the perfect diamond, and keep her in your arms forever.

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