How to Become an SEO Reseller

White label seo

Small businesses that specialize in web solutions may wish to consider offering SEO content to their clients. As the need for a more prominent online presence becomes more and more essential to the viability of a company in the marketplace, the value of premium web marketing to your clients increase.

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a central aspect of online marketing which you may ideally positioned to sell to your customers as a part of an all encompassing package of web services. For example, if designing websites for other small businesses is your main focus, but you also want to offer them solutions that will ensure a high ranking for that web site in search engine results, becoming an SEO reseller could work for you.

With an Seo reseller program, you would outsource the SEO to a company that specializes in creating the content. You then resell the SEO to your clients under your own brand. This practice, known as white label SEO or private label SEO, is a mutually beneficial partnership for both companies. You, get the benefits of extending more services to your clients with detracting from your primary business focus, and the SEO content creators get increased distribution of their product.

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