Should You Engage the Services of an Executive Search and Selection Recruiter?

Hiring sales people

Those who work in executive search and selection are aware that for a sales team, the average turnover rate is about 40 percent each year. Holding on to longterm sales reps is thus a difficult prospect for many companies. About one third of all sales reps have only been in their jobs for no more than 12 months. That is why it is a good idea to work with sales and marketing headhunters who have experience with executive search and selection. These head hunters can vet prospective executive search and selection candidates for sales and recruiting jobs.

Due to the fact that most of the work done by sales reps depends on having effective communication skills of both the written and verbal kind, it is essential within your executive search and selection process that you hire a sales person who is a good communicator. When filling sales and recruiting jobs, executive search and selection headhunters know just what to look for both on the resume of a candidate and during a live interview. Having made a great many executive search and selection hires, sales headhunters develop a kind of sixth sense on which candidates would make good hires. This finely tuned intuition can be a huge asset when you are engaged in an executive search and selection project.

Did you know that greater than 80 percent of non routine sales occurr only after the buyer has been contacted at least five times? As well, research studies have indicated that, incredible as it is, only 20 percent of sales leads are ever followed up on. Therefore, sales and recruiting jobs are best filled by people who have a great deal of tenacity. This quality of tenacity is something that a good headhunter can tease out when interviewing candidates for prospective sales and recruiting jobs. However, sales experience is not necessarily the most important criteria for evaluating prospective hires during the executive search and selection process. This is especially true if you have existing sales reps who can assist in the training and mentoring of new hires.

Of course, certain ineffable qualities do play a role in how effective a person will be at doing a sales or recruiting job. Executive search and selection headhunters have the ability to size up whether a candidate has the charisma, flexibility, self esteem, and enthusiasm necessary to excel at sales and recruiting jobs. This is another reason that working with a headhunter might be a great idea for your company.

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