Common HVAC Repairs and Cleaning – Spokane Events

homeowners can better control their home’s temperature. The thing that most homeowners don’t take care of is giving their system the appropriate care it needs to properly function. It is possible to reduce the cost of HVAC maintenance and repairs as well as homeowners avoid having contract with contractors to address small issues.

The right tools are required for the job. The tool you need is a 5/16th and a quarter-inch driver for a nut to get the system open. Certain systems could only depend on hand tightening fasteners that are not tightened, therefore drivers may not be needed.

Once you have opened your HVAC First, to take care of is switch off gas and electrical outlets. The electrical box may be connected to the box, or nearby. Being aware of where the box important to prevent injury or electrocution that is not needed when performing maintenance.

After that, examine the air filter. In most cases, when it isn’t functioning well, it may be caused by the filter becoming dirty. It is likely that the cost to replace the filter would be very minimal and should only be performed when it gets too grimy.

The video below provides more details on HVAC maintenance and repair.


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