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Description of the products and services available.

When the superstructure has been moved to the position of assembly, and then the outriggers will be erected. Once the connections to the crawlers have been properly cleaned and lubricated, the crane assists are used to transfer them. Crawler tracks, that weigh around 50,000 pounds connect and after that the crane is placed in a position in preparation for the rest of the build. Counterweights, that could exceed 30,000 lbs and are utilized to help support the carbody. It is essential for cranes to be able to handle over 20 trucks.

When the base counterweight tray is established, counterweights may be added to confirm that the proper crane configuration is achieved. After the crane has installed the base section of the base, the counterweights are to be self-installed. Live mast connects to the live mast.

We’ve provided a video to explain the other stages and capabilities of professional cranes. Please watch it to find out how it all ends.


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