How Apartments for Elderly Parents Should Be Set Up Turning Your Basement Into an Apartment – Family Issues

cline. Older adults may find it challenging to accomplish simple tasks, like moving the doorknob.

Important to be aware that seniors will become unable to use the keyboard while designing rooms, like apartments. Make it simple for them. Install lever-style fixtures, for instance, knobs or rocksers for faucets or doorknobs. In this way, elderly parents won’t have to keep calling you whenever there’s a problem.

2. As you get older, falls and slips increase. the advancing

One of the biggest challenges with aging is the risk of falls and slips. The CDC estimates one out of four seniors fall every year. However, most senior citizens don’t tell their doctors. How common is it for seniors to slip and fall? These are some of the elements that increase the likelihood for seniors to fall:

Low Vitamin D levels can lead to hearing loss and visual impairment, as well as lower body pain.

Consider improving the lighting in your home for senior citizens. It is harder to maintain equilibrium in places with low lighting such as hallways and staircases. That is especially true considering problems with vision and hearing because of age.

Another aspect you can consider is reworking the flooring. It’s a great idea to make use of all non-slip surfaces you can. For example, have mats that are non-slip on your flooring in the bathroom and kitchen.

3. Maybe it’s not so easy to bathe anymore

One reason why for you to consider caring for senior adults is their ability to complete daily everyday living (ADL). Senior adults’ bathing needs may not be similar to being able to step into the shower to do the occasional jiggle. When you’re using standard toilet facilities, it may be more challenging to access the bathrooms.

One way to enhance baths is to add grab bars in shower rooms as well as the toilet. Senior adults will enjoy bathing once in the morning, they will love bathing.


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