How Is Asphalt Made? – Work Flow Management

Further, it is processed to remove impurities and to adjust its physical properties in accordance with specific requirements.

Asphalt is made up of a blend of hydrocarbons including maltenes as well as asphaltenes. The source and processing methods that are used affect the composition of the asphalt.

Bitumen is employed in asphalt construction as binder. It’s typically mixed with gravel or sand and then laid on surfaces. Asphalt bonds aggregates to provide a durable and long-lasting surfaces.

As asphalt is durable and economically-priced material used for construction of roads and other types of infrastructure, it has taken on a central role in modern society. Asphalt is easy to build and maintain. It is also easy to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions. Asphalt also offers positive environmental effects, like reduced noise pollution and improved fuel efficiency for vehicles.

Companies can also use recycled materials to make asphalt that can reduce pollution and increase sustainability. Some of the asphalt from older asphalt mixes could be replaced by recycled asphalt. This can reduce the impact on the environment.


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