What to Avoid in Child Custody Cases – Estate Planning and Probate News

The process can be difficult emotionally and hard to navigate. This video features one of the child custody lawyers who gives sound advice on the mistakes you should avoid while you are going through the process.

Here are some actions you must not take before, during, or after a custody battle. The top priority on the list is to not allow the parents of the other to have access to the kids. If you are currently your primary caregiver, then you have to allow your ex-partner to be the parent of their child. Judges care only about the health and wellbeing that the kid. They’ll also be curious about the person who nurtures the relationship between the parent and child. It is crucial not to criticize the parent of the child. This could jeopardize the mental well-being of the child . It could may even result in you being accused of criminal negligence.

A third thing you should refrain from making accusations which can be proved. Any accusation you make against the other parent must be backed up with evidence. Too many parents commit the error of not being engaged in their child’s daily lives. It’s crucial to remain aware of the daily routine of your child. The mistakes you’ve made are now obvious to avoid when trying to secure child custody.


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