Who Is Responsible if My Kid Is Injured at Summer Camp? – Personal Injury Litigation

It is essential that they are well-supervised and closely monitored. What happens if your children are injured at the camp? What can you do? And the person responsible? The answers to these questions are available in this video.

Prior to allowing your child to go to summer camp, many camps will require you to sign a waiver. This waiver tends to concentrate on activities that pose a high risk, such as archery, horseback riding as well as swimming. The camp may be held accountable if your child sustains an injury in connection with dangerous activities or when the camp fails to provide adequate equipment. Also, the camp may be held responsible in the event that your child is sick from a person who is not employed at the camp. If camp counselors text or talking to their cell phones when they supervise your child as well, then the camp could have a responsibility.

If you want to protect your child during their time at camp it is recommended that you research the camp and speak to the director about activities the child is not involved in. Also, you should be aware of illnesses or allergies that might affect the ability of your child to take part in camp activities. You now know who will take responsibility for your child’s injuries at the summer camp.


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