What Are the Legal Defenses Drug Possession Attorneys Use? Legal Terminology.co

There is a possibility that you can use many legal defenses in order to defend your clients.

An attorney for drug possession may argue on behalf of the Fourth Amendment that the police were not given enough evidence to warrant the search of their client or their clients’ property. Any evidence obtained through an unlawful search should be suppressed.

At times, people may be carrying substance in their possession and not being aware of it. In other words, a relative or acquaintance might leave drugs in their car or home with no knowledge of the person accused.

In certain States, marijuana for medical use can be permissible for specific medical conditions. Drug possession lawyers could argue that a patient is legally allowed to have marijuana to use for medical purposes.

A drug possession lawyer may argue that their client did not possess the drug, but rather possessing them in a constructive manner. The drugs were located in an area that the person had influence over but weren’t in possession of the drugs.

Sometimes, misconduct by police officers involved in the investigation of drug possession is a possibility. The attorneys for those who handle drug cases may contend that the officers used entrapment or coerced a confession of their client. This could lead to the removal of the charges.


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